The Truth About High Deductibles

Insureds often choose high deductibles that prevent them from making claims after a loss and using insurance for its intended purpose. In many cases, insureds select a higher deductible than they can afford because they think they’re saving money. Most claims they submit will fall within the deductible and the insurance never gets utilized. The result: insureds end up paying for years on a policy they can never use. For the average property, a deductible that is more than $1000 is usually too high. Only properties with extremely high values, such as mansions, or have high coverage limits require deductibles over $1000. Depending on coverage and policy premium amounts, the difference in savings between a $1000 deductible and a $5000 deductible is usually less than $100-$200 annually! A high deductible can eliminate thousands of dollars from insurance settlements while insureds save a few measly dollars per year. Reviewing policy and coverage limits and deductibles is necessary to determine if there is a need to make any adjustments. Phoenix Public Adjusting’s insurance experts provide complimentary reviews and analyses of policies to make sure you are adequately covered and have the appropriate deductibles.

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