The Claim Process


To start the claim process, set an appointment with Phoenix Public Adjusting for a free property inspection. We will meet you at your home or place of business to do an initial property damage assessment and review your policy coverages. In the event that we determine you are covered for loss under your property insurance policy, you have the option to move forward with a claim. Enroll with us by signing our simple public adjuster contract. Before you enroll, we discuss all aspects of the claim process. We provide clarity by addressing any questions or concerns because we want to make sure you understand the process. By signing the contract, you authorize us to represent your interest with your insurance carrier throughout the claim process. The contract also states that our fee is contingent on a successful recovery; if we can’t help you, there is no fee for our services.

3-Day Right of Rescission

Every person who signs our contract is entitled to a no-worry, hassle-free, 3-day “right of rescission” period.  It allows you to cancel the contract within 3 business days if you change your mind about using our services.

Inspection & Documentation

During our full inspection, we thoroughly document any evidence related to your claim by taking careful measurements and taking photographs of the property’s condition. We review pertinent factual information with you, and collect further documentation from you to help us prepare an accurate estimate to submit to your insurance carrier.


Once we’ve inspected the property, we perform an in-depth analysis of your property insurance coverage and determine which areas of your coverage apply to your loss. We then prepare a damage estimate based on the scope of the damages from our inspection.

Insurance Company Inspection & Claim Negotiation

We contact your insurance company to schedule an inspection and meet with its field adjuster. We are present at every insurance company inspection of your property, representing and communicating on your behalf with your insurance company’s adjuster or third party contractors. We submit a copy of our estimate to the insurance company adjuster and also discuss the scope of the damages viewed during his or her inspection. Then, we contact your insurance company to discuss both estimates and start the negotiation process. Once we reach a fair settlement with your insurance carrier, this usually results in a successful resolution of your claim.

In the event we cannot reach a fair settlement, we will reevaluate both appraisals in order to resolve the claim. If the appraisal process doesn’t result in a fair settlement, we will work with a legal team that represents clients like you nationwide and specializes in insurance company claim disputes.


Due to our well-rounded industry experience and claims expertise, we are usually successful in reaching fair settlements with insurance carriers. We process your insurance payment securely and quickly forward your portion of the insurance settlement. Our job is to restore you to pre-loss condition in a timely and professional manner. We look forward to assisting you!

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