Not All Insurance Companies Are Created Equal

It’s important to become knowledgeable about the content and quality of your policy coverages as well as your policy deductible(s). If your insurance agent hasn’t consulted with you about property policy coverages and explained the different deductible options, he or she hasn’t done their job. Unfortunately, most people usually find out they’re insufficiently covered or not covered at all after sustaining a loss, when it’s too late to add a certain coverage or endorsement. Knowing the basics beforehand can prevent such occurrences. Insurance policies vary in amount and quality of coverage. Phoenix Public Adjusting strongly recommends that property owners understand their coverages and how they apply to their losses. Most people never claim certain losses or damages simply because they didn’t know they were covered. The insurance company isn’t going to volunteer to compensate you for things you didn’t inquire about or request—even if you’re entitled to it! If they can get away with it, insurance companies will provide the minimal amount of compensation and will prey on ignorance and assumptions about policy coverages. A good way to find out about an insurance company’s attitude towards certain claims is to ask your local public adjuster. They deal with most insurance companies and claims on a regular basis and know carriers better than brokers or insurance agents.

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