How can Phoenix Public Adjusting help you?

Our public adjusters are insurance claim experts who are committed to protecting your interests. They are skilled at property loss adjustment and policyholders retain them to assist in preparing, filing and adjusting insurance claims. They manage every detail of the claim and work closely with the insured—the individual or business covered by an insurance policy—to provide the highest settlement possible. Phoenix Public Adjusting inspects the loss site, analyzes the damages, assembles claim support data, reviews the insured’s coverage, determines current replacement costs, submits a detailed loss estimate to the carrier and negotiates the highest possible settlement.

Phoenix Public Adjusting works for the insured, not the insurance company. The highly stressful period following a loss is a difficult time for individuals and businesses. Our claim experts can take those major headaches away, allowing you to focus on your home or business. We want you to get the most you’re entitled to under your insurance policy. A typical fire or flood policy contains hundreds of provisions and stipulations and constantly changing forms and endorsements. Those policies also include many complex details such as inventory appraisals and real estate evaluations—required in case of a loss. What most policyholders don’t realize is that they have the “burden of proof”; they must prove their losses to the insurance company. Our public adjusters are knowledgeable in the claims process and claims settlement; they can work quickly to expedite payments by preventing delays and costly mistakes.

What is a public adjuster?

A public insurance adjuster is an insurance adjuster that only represents the insured and their interests during an insurance claim. Public adjusters are licensed by the department of insurance in their respective states just like adjusters for insurance companies; however, public adjusters never represent insurance companies.

A public adjuster assists property owners by protecting their interests during the claims process and by working with insurance companies on behalf of property owners. Statistics show that public adjusters can help their clients get 3-5 times more compensation for their losses than when clients deal directly with insurance carriers. One Florida study on the effectiveness of public adjusters found that insureds can get up to 700% more for their losses when using public adjusters as opposed to working with insurance companies unassisted.

About Phoenix Public Adjusting

When people experience losses of real or personal property, they need a team dedicated to protecting their interests during the insurance claims process. Phoenix Public Adjusting is a firm licensed in California with over 16 years of experience helping clients maximize their insurance recovery for covered losses. As a licensed public adjusting firm, we serve as a bridge between our clients and insurance companies; our “client-first, solution-oriented” approach has helped us to successfully reverse denied claims and increase the amount of insurance settlements. Our commitment: to provide clients with prompt, professional service. We ensure claims are handled in a timely manner and payments are managed securely. Our goal: to give clients the ability to return to their normal lives. We’re here to help people rise from the stress when life makes a mess.

( CA Lic # 2I33901)